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men of magnolia league: best newsletter in the south

We've Launched Our Newsletter!

Men of Magnolia League is a weekly newsletter featuring the best links across the South—and the best of our own content. 

We've curated the best in travel, culture, golf, food & drink, sporting, wellness, music, and more—so you don't have to. 

Think of it as "The Skimm" for men of the Southern Sporting Life. Here's what you can expect: 


  • Guides to the best destinations in the South and beyond. 
  • Pro tips for planning the ultimate golf trip, beach trip, or mountain ski trip.  
  • Long-form travel content giving you in-depth accounts of local cultures and experiences. 


  • The best content across the golf world. 
  • Keep your pulse on the pros, tips for your game, destinations, and golf culture. 
  • Such as Masters issues, best golf courses in your state, best golf movies, style, gear, and more! 


  • Cultural content ranging from thought provoking to pure entertainment. 
  • Southern Culture and broader topics such as business, arts, and cultural trends.
  • What it takes to live "the good life."  

Food & Drink

  • The freshest cocktail recipes every issue. 
  • Best of lists for restaurants, bars, and culinary destinations. 
  • Bourbon, bourbon, and more bourbon. 


  • Gear, guides, and top destinations for outdoor pursuits we love—fly fishing, bird hunting, big game, and more! 
  • Go Dawgs. Roll Tide. Hotty Toddy. We've got full coverage of SEC Football.  
  •  Sporting Lifestyle. 

Magnolia League 

  • In addition to curating the best across the South, we create excellent content as well! 
  • Updates on our latest blog posts—as well as product launches, events, giveaways, and more. 


  • Every issue includes videos of the choicest cuts from live Dead, Phish, and Widespread Panic.  
  • The latest on tours, shows, and happenings around the music world. 


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