The 12 Styles of Southern Men: Which One Are You?

Atticus Finch/Gregory Peck

Those North of the Mason-Dixon may mistake "the South" as one uniform place. Incorrectly assuming a fixed culture from Arkansas to Virginia horse country. 

In reality, the South is made up of unique regions. Each with their own culture, history, and style.

Even states vary widely. In Georgia, for example, there's vast differences from Atlanta to "South of the Gnat Line" to the North Georgia mountains and Savannah lowcountry. 

We've captured the different styles from all across the South. You'll find familiar archetypes like: The Dandy, The Thoroughbred, The Literary Lawyer, The Baron, The Hunter, The Wook, The Old Row, and more!

These are general archetypes meant for fun. So enjoy this list, find which lifestyle fits you, and learn how to dress for it.  


1. The Dandy

Southern Dandy Style
  • Also Known As: The Peacock. Southern Charm
  • Habitats: Charleston. New Orleans. Savannah.
  • Alma Mater: Hampden-Sydney
  • Style Staples: Tailored everything, bright colors, Go To Hell pants, loafers sans socks. 
  • Favorite Accessories: Tortoiseshell glasses, needlepoint belt, perfectly flowing hair.  
  • On His Spotify: Talking Heads, Miles Davis.
  • Drinking: Negroni 
  • In His Driveway: Beautifully restored Mercedes convertible. 
  • Icons: Sid Mashburn, Alexander Kraft.


2. The Hunter

Country hunting style Barbour jacket

  • Also Known As: The Country Gentleman.
  • Habitat: Thomasville, GA
  • Alma Mater: Auburn 
  • Style Staples: Tom Beckbe jacket, duck boots, down vest, tattersall shirt, shades of dark green and brown. 
  • Favorite Accessories: Shotgun and hunting land inherited from grandfather. 
  • On His Spotify: Zac Brown Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Drinking: Wild Turkey 
  • In His Driveway: Land Rover Defender (old version)
  • Icons: Charlie Croker, TJ Calloway.


3. The Troubadour

Cowboy singer guitar
  • Also Known As: The Americana. The Singer/Songwriter. 
  • Habitats: Nashville. Austin.
  • Alma Mater: Belmont or Western Kentucky. 
  • Style Staples: Western snap shirt, denim, barn coat, Huckberry catalog. 
  • Favorite Accessories: Beard, long(ish) hair, guitar case, cowboy hat. 
  • Drinking: Whiskey.
  • On His Spotify: Jason Isbell, Charlie Crockett, Sturgill Simpson. 
  • In His Driveway: Old Ford truck or 90s Jeep  
  • Icons: Bradley Cooper in “A Star is Born,” Chris Stapleton.


4. The Professional

Modern professional man
  • Also Known As: The Corporate Climber. The MBA. 
  • Habitats: Atlanta. Charlotte. 4 years in New York to “build career."
  • Alma Mater: Georgia Tech & Fuqua MBA. 
  • Favorite Accessories: Macbook Pro, ergonomic home office chair, Apple Watch.
  • On His Spotify: Classic Rap, Kygo. 
  • Drinking: Local IPA, mixologist-grade cocktails.  
  • In His Driveway: Audi A4 or Honda/Toyota Hybrid SUV 
  • Icons: Partners at the firm, Elon Musk.


5. The Baron

 Powerful man tuxedo scotch cigar

  • Also Known As: The Patriarch. Augusta National waiting list
  • Habitats: Highland Park. Buckhead.  
  • Alma Mater: Vanderbilt or Washington & Lee. Boarded at Woodberry Forest.
  • Style Staples: Power suit, cashmere quarter zip sweater, cowboy boots that cost as much as a car, horsebit loafers. 
  • Drinking: 25 year Scotch. 
  • On His Spotify: Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z
  • In His Driveway: Range Rover or Mercedes S-Class. 
  • Icons: Jerry Jones, Ted Turner.


6. The Old Row

Alabama football game fraternity sorority
  • Also Known As: The Collegian. The Frat Boy. 
  • Habitat: Tuscaloosa, AL. From Mobile, AL.
  • Alma Mater: Roll Tide. 
  • Style Staples: New Balance 993, chino shorts, Game Day polo, DKE Undertakers Ball t-shirt. 
  • Favorite Accessories: Bama bangs, Red Man, bird dog, Machine-backed candidates. 
  • Drinking: Bud Light, Bourbon and Coke. 
  • On His Spotify: Alabama, Morgan Wallen. 
  • In His Driveway: Chevy Tahoe with Bama, DKE, and Delta Waterfowl decals. 
  • Icons: His dad.


7. The Golf Pro

Modern golf style Holderness & Bourne
  • Also Known As: Shooter. Sultan of Swing.
  • Alma Mater: UGA golf team. 
  • Style Staples: Golf tech polo with club logo, golf logo quarter zip, golf tech pants, hat with upstart golf brand
  • Favorite Accessories: Scotty Cameron putter, glove, Masters tickets, range finder, Trackman simulator
  • Drinking: Michelob Ultra. Vodka Soda on the 19th Hole. 
  • On His Spotify: The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty.
  • In His Driveway: Sporty crossover SUV with ample room for clubs. 
  • Icons: Davis Love III, Billy Horschel.


8. The Country Boy

Country boys flannel truck
  • Also Known As: The Good Ol’ Boy. 
  • Habitat: Family Farm. 
  • Alma Mater: Mississippi State, Arkansas, or Georgia Southern.
  • Style Staples: Jeans, work boots, flannel, t-shirt, rugged workwear.
  • Favorite Accessories: Miles and miles of John Deere green, trucker hat with logo of local farm supply store, can of Skoal. 
  • Drinking: Budweiser. 
  • On His Spotify: Luke Bryan, Luke Combs. 
  • In His Driveway: Ford F-150 with gun rack. 
  • Icons: Tim McGraw, Rip Wheeler.


9. The Wook

  • Also Known As: Deadhead. Phish Head. Spreadhead.  
  • Habitat: Chattanooga, TN. Asheville, NC. Spent 20s in Colorado, which he'll tell you at every opportunity. 
  • Alma Mater: CU Boulder. UNC-Asheville. 
  • Style Staples: Steal Your Face everything, AFTCO shorts, Bonnaroo ‘08 t-shirt (“you had to be there”), Chacos. 
  • Favorite Accessories: Camping gear, festival pass, nitrous, scruffy beard.  
  • Drinking: Craft beer from the 303 that presents opportunity to talk about living in Colorado. Liquid Death water at festivals. 
  • On His Spotify: Do you have to ask? 
  • In His Driveway: Old Toyota 4-Runner or Subaru. 
  • Icons: Jerry, Trey. 


10. The Literary Lawyer

Atticus Finch Gregory Peck lawyer style

  • Also Known As: King of Torts. Southern Gothic. 
  • Habitat: Oxford, MS
  • Alma Mater: Rhodes College, Ole Miss Law. 
  • Style Staples: Seersucker suit, bow tie, white shirt, Oxford cloth button down (outside the firm). 
  • Favorite Accessories: Gregory Peck glasses, leather briefcase with legal briefs and novel drafts, expensive pens. 
  • Drinking: Old Fashioned. 
  • On His Spotify: Wilco, The Smiths. 
  • In His Driveway: Volvo Station Wagon. 
  • Icons: William Faulkner, John Grisham, Atticus Finch.


11. The Thoroughbred

Nacho Figueras polo style
  • Also Known As: The Equestrian. Tally Ho.
  • Habitat: Lexington, KY. Aiken, SC. Middleburg, VA. 
  • Alma Mater: UVA, Kentucky, or University of Buenos Aires. 
  • Style Staples: Leather riding boots, slim-fit khaki pants (tucked into boots), competition jacket, earthy tones.  
  • Favorite Accessories: Polo mallet, Keeneland hat, Argentine needlepoint belt. 
  • Drinking: Kentucky Bourbon, bloodies before morning hunt.   
  • On His Spotify: Dave Matthews Band, Chris Stapleton. 
  • In His Driveway: Polo pony…in stable. 
  • Icons: Nacho Figueras, Richard Gere. 


12. The Lone Star 

Texas cowboy horse hat boots

  • Also Known As: The Rancher. The Roughneck. The Cowboy. 
  • Habitat: Midland, TX. 
  • Alma Mater: University of Texas, TCU, or SMU. 
  • Favorite Accessories: Oil rights, belt buckle, ranch acreage, rope, saddle. 
  • On His Spotify: George Strait, Pat Green, Chris LeDoux.
  • In His Driveway: Ford F-350 King Ranch 
  • Icons: Matthew McConaughey, John Dutton, George Strait.


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