The #1 Skincare Tip for Men: Daily Sunscreen

The #1 Skincare Tip for Men: Daily Sunscreen
"If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it." - Baz Luhrmann, "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)"

Summer. A time for the beach, long days outside, and dreading my mother’s sunscreen application before diving into the sugar-white sand of the 30A. I hated the sticky, greasy feel of sunscreen and—like fireworks or egg nog—viewed the product as strictly seasonal. Ignorance wasn't bliss. It meant years of burns, barrier damage, and unhealthy skin to learn the hard way. In my early 20s I lived in Seoul, the Skincare Capital of the World, and the advice I heard over and over was: "wear sunscreen!" 

Don’t get burned (figuratively and literally) like I did. Here’s why sunscreen is the most important skincare product to use daily, in all seasons

  • Best way to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and early aging signs to maintain youthful, healthy skin
  • Your best defense against barrier damage, which wreaks havoc on the skin
  • Men are two times more likely than women to develop skin cancer
  • UV rays can penetrate through clouds and even windows, screen blue light and environmental stressors also damage skin so daily sunscreen application is essential


For golfers, outdoorsmen, and athletes—sunscreen is most crucial. It could be a matter of life or death. Forgetting sunscreen in your golf bag should feel like forgetting your putter, here’s why:

  • The Skin Cancer Foundation estimated that avid golfers and professionals receive 217 times the amount of UV radiation needed to cause a sunburn over the course of a year.
  • Active adults accumulate more ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure and are at 27% greater risk of skin cancer than inactive adults.
  • A staggering 30% of golfers avoid sunscreen in favor of “getting a tan” (a common myth we’ll debunk in the next paragraph). 
  • The pros know. The PGA Tour and NFL are taking skin cancer and UV damage seriously. 

Keep reading to discover what to look for in sunscreen to look good, feel good, and play good…

 Two surfers at beach during sunrise or sunset

The Best Sunscreen for Men: What to Look For 

Let’s start by clearing up a few common myths about sunscreen... 

Myth #1: You only need sunscreen on sunny summer days. 

UV rays are everywhere (not just the sun) - cement, sand, water, snow. UV rays can penetrate through clouds and even windows, so daily sunscreen application is essential. Further, the daily dose of blue light coming from our screens can cause the same damage as the sun. 

Myth #2: Darker skin tones and tan enthusiasts don't need it. 

In reality, everyone, regardless of skin tone, is at risk of sun damage and should use sunscreen for protection. Contrary to popular opinion, a tan is still a burn that doubles your odds of getting melanoma, a deadly skin cancer. 

Myth #3: Sunscreen is toxic, blocks pores—and feels greasy, sticky, and heavy. 

To start, all sunscreen is heavily regulated and safe to use. But conventional, chemical sunscreens can damage the environment, harm sensitive skin, and feel oily. Forward thinking brands are changing this with reef-safe natural mineral sunscreens, skin health first formulas—and lightweight, fast absorbing, non-greasy smooth textures. 

 Mountain skiing on sunny day

 Magnolia League | All-Seasons Advanced SPF Skincare

The best sunscreen is one you’ll use. So consider, in addition to efficacy, factors like texture, feel, and impact on the environment. Holistically, these should be your priorities when choosing a daily sunscreen: 

  • Broad Spectrum Protection: Sun damage is caused by UVB and UVA radiation, so aim for Broad Spectrum—which blocks UVB and UVA rays.
  • SPF 30 or Higher: Though no SPF blocks 100% UV radiation, higher SPFs block more so the higher the better.
  • Mineral over Chemical: shown to be more effective for your skin and the environment, reef-safe mineral zinc oxide protection is the way to go vs. chemical filters. To further reduce skin sensitivity and irritation, go with unscented.
  • Light and Fast Absorbed: to avoid that heavy, greasy, sticky feel (and club slippage) aim for a modern sunscreen with ultralight, comfortable texture.
  • Multi-Benefit Face Sunscreen: premium face sunscreens deliver enhanced benefits like hydration, barrier boosting antioxidants, and ceramides that repair damage (especially if you're concerned with early signs of aging and sensitive skin). 

Finally, consider portability and packaging. An economy size bottle is harder to carry while cheap packaging diminishes efficacy over time. Innovative airless pump technology ensures efficacy, quality control, and ease of use—perfect for a golf bag, ski jacket, jet setting, or daily use.


Best New Golf Product to Lower Your Score: Sunscreen 

From performance fabrics to advanced analytics, golf technology keeps advancing to improve your game. The best way to lower your score may not be a rangefinder or new club, however. Look to advanced SPF products to play confident, protected, and avoid an embarrassing (and distracting) “golfer tan” or lobster burn.  

Pro golfers hat tan line sunburn


Sunscreen seems like a no-brainer for golfers but, remarkably, over 40% don’t use sunscreen while playing. If you’re in this group, quality sunscreen may give your game the edge you’ve been looking for. Here are the golden rules of sunscreen for golfers and outdoor athletes: 

  1. Apply 30 mins before your round (or activity).  
  2. Reapply at the turn (about 1-2 hours after first application). 
  3. Keep a tube in your golf bag.  
  4. Use a hydrating sunscreen, and apply moisturizer afterwards. 
  5. Only use Broad Spectrum with SPF 30 or higher. 

Also practice sun safety tactics like avoiding peak sun hours (generally between 11am-4pm), drinking plenty of water, and wearing a hat. On my annual boys golf trip, we've seen the sun take it's toll from ER visits, heat stroke, and a laundry list of major league burns (this was part of the inspiration for starting Magnolia League).

Seminole Golf Club 

Learn the Benefits of Daily Sunscreen Before It’s Too Late 

Sunscreen is the ultimate “hack” for improving your skin, looking and feeling your best, and enjoying all the sporting life has to offer—without worrying about the risks. 

By working out outdoors, we are doing wonderful things for our bodies, however, because sun damage is a cumulative effect, we are also increasing our risk for skin cancer, wrinkles and discoloration,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Brooke Jackson

Whether on outdoor adventures or during daily activities, incorporating UV protection into a skincare routine is a proactive step towards long-term skin health and maintaining a confident and vibrant appearance.

Magnolia League was founded to help men build confidence and enjoy the outdoor sporting lifestyle. Knowing how critical sunscreen is to golfers and athletes, and the common barriers preventing adoption, we took a lot of time developing the best multi-benefit mineral sunscreen for golfers, athletes, and men in the arena to use daily. 

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