Magnolia League: Our Mission, Values, and Journey

Magnolia League: Our Mission, Values, and Journey

It Started With a Golf Trip 

Lake Oconee, GA | Golf

It doesn't get any better than getting outside to enjoy the links, streams, and fields with your best friends.  

Magnolia League was inspired by an annual golf trip among lifelong friends. Our passion for the outdoor sporting life created a lasting bond throughout our lives. But the active lifestyle and frequent exposure to the elements takes a toll on your skin—causing problems that throw off your game: 

  • Dry skin, from lost moisture, leading to other issues such as breakouts.
  • Skin barrier damage from the sun, free radicals, and other environmental stressors—causing a host of other problems. 
  • Increased sensitivity, irritation, and dryness caused by inflammation
  • Tired, dull skin in desperate need of nourishment to repair, and protect against, early aging signs like wrinkles. 

An effective skincare routine should be a no-brainer for active men. Just like a quality diet, exercise regimen, and sleep schedule. But problems in the men's market—gimmicky, complex, and ineffective—held us back from looking and feeling our best. 

During our annual trip on the pine-scented links of beautiful Lake Oconee, GA—I saw the skin problems faced by active men and was inspired to build Magnolia League. Our purpose is to deliver the best clean & high-performance skincare solutions for sporting men—with a simple routine that builds confidence by helping men look and feel their best.

Keep reading for the rest of our journey, and how we formed our values. If you're interested in the full details of our formulas, ingredients, and clean standards, check out our transparent guides to our clean formulas & skincare ingredients.


Why Clean Matters: Protecting Men's Skin, Health, & Performance

Triathlon Training in the Elements

After college, I picked up endurance sports—competing in triathlons and marathons. To improve performance, I started paying attention to ingredients I consumed from all products (not just my diet), and was shocked by what I found in my personal care. 

Common personal care products were chock full of toxic, harsh, irritating chemicals. Men ingest over 100 toxic ingredients per day on average!

These harsh chemicals add up and do significant damage (to your skin, health, and fertility). Studies link them to lower testosterone, lower sperm counts, fertility issues—even cancer and liver damage. Ironically, toxic formulas can cause skin issues they claim to solve. Such as dryness, irritation, inflammation, breakouts, and the massive rise in skin sensitivity reported in men—now 50-60% according to studies

We maintain the highest standards for our clean and non-toxic formulas to protect your skin, health, and performance. 


No More Complexity and Gimmicks: Men Need a Simple Skincare Routine That Delivers Ace Results

Most men's brands are complex, gimmicky, or ineffective. Sporting men need results-driven products and don't have time to learn a 10-step routine. So we committed to results-driven formulas with minimal products and ingredients.   

The men's market is full of gimmicky and ineffective brands focusing on attention-driven marketing, opposed to to results-driven products. Trying to win us over with artificial blue dyes, synthetic fragrances that smell like a middle-school dance, or cartoon character-like marketing

We made the commitment to formulate results-driven skincare with nature's purest and most potent ingredients. We went the extra step to formulate with certified organic ingredients that few can offer. We put customers over profits because we want you to look your best and spend time on the things that matter (not a complex skincare routine). 


Where Our Name Comes From

Magnolia League | Men's Skincare for the Sporting Life

Our name was inspired by a plan to form a "Southern Ivy League" called the Magnolia League. Like the Ivy League, it represented much more than an athletic conference. It was a collection of the South's finest sporting gentleman connected by shared principles of courage, honor, and confidence to excel on the field of play and the field of life. This concept embodied the spirit of our brand. 

Our brand, product names, and sensory experiences are inspired by the sporting traditions & natural world we hold love: 

  • Peachtree: Inspired by Atlanta, our beloved hometown. The city’s proud golf tradition and legend of Bobby Jones. The drive to become the Empire State of the South without losing their red clay soul. 
  • Augusta: Inspired by the magic, natural beauty, and unparalleled traditions of their first full week in April—and the unforgettable memories attending with friends and family over the years.
  • Golden Isles: This eco marine wonderland is an endless source of natural inspiration. From Sea Island’s oceanside courses to the stunning landscape conserved on Little St. Simons.
  • Thomasville: The sweet smell of longleaf pine woods and stillness before the covey rise create a deep connection to historic sporting traditions and the natural world.


For Men Who Put Skin in the Game

The people, places, and experiences from our journey ignited confidence to blaze a new trail, and build something we truly believe in. We aim to go beyond skincare by helping you do the same. Our mission is to ignite your confidence by helping you look and feel your best—with a simple skincare routine that delivers ace results. Put skin in the game and have courage to build the life you want.

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